Steven Raichlen Beer Can Chicken Roaster
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  Beer Can Chicken Roaster with Drip Pan


Steven Raichlen™
Stainless Steel Roaster

With Drip Pan

Price: $29.99 each


$24.99 EACH



Steven Raichlen wrote the book on beer can chicken - literally!

This ingenious device makes the process easier and virtually fail-proof. 

Square construction gives you greater stability.  Bird won't tip and

beer won't spill.  All stainless steel, so it won't react with food, or rust. 

Metal holder adapts to both beer cans and our unique stainless

steel canister (included), which you can fill with wine, fruit juice, or

other flavorful liquid.  Metal drip pan collects meat juices for sauces

and prevents dripping fat from erupting into flare-ups.     

"The fantastic thing about beer-can chicken is once you

understand the basic principle, there's no limit to the

type of liquid you can use for roasting."  -  Steven







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