Maverick Automatic Salt & Pepper Mills

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            Automatic Salt & Pepper Mills


Automatic Salt & Pepper Mills
Model MAV-PM-02

List Price: $49.99


$39.99 PER SET

Sold Out




than a set of stainless steel salt & pepper mills on your table? 

And these are no ordinary mills.  They automatically grind your

favorite rock salt, kosher salt, or pepper into the degree of coarse

or fine you select by twisting a simple dial on the bottom. 

Each mill measures approximately 2.5"D x 8.25"H and has a powerful

battery operated motor and ceramic grinder with

push-button control.*  The clear acrylic container is easy to fill

without making a mess, and the amounts remaining are easy to see. 

There is even a light that shines on the food as the

grinder operates.

Each includes an acrylic stand, reducing grounds on the tabletop. 

This item makes a great gift! 


* Batteries not included - Item made in China