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  RediFork Pro Electronic Food Probe


RediFork Pro Electronic

Food Probe
Model MAV-ET-66

List Price: $29.99



$17.50 EACH






  • Simple, quick and easy to use.  Designed for one-hand use.
  • Instantly checks readiness and doneness of food - never overcook again!
  • Auto-on operation.  RediFork Pro display turns on automatically when temperature of food is above 113°F.
  • Check fish, beef, lamb, turkey, ham or pork without changing settings.
  • Set desired temperature.  RediFork beeps when your food is ready!
  • Flashlight assists visual inspection of doneness.
  • Helps determine E.Coli safeness.
  • Great for grilling, oven and microwave cooking.  The perfect chef's tool!
  • Two(2) heavy-duty AA batteries included. Low battery indicator.