BBQ Accessory Kit

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 BBQ Accessory Kit


BBQ Accessory Kit

BBQ Accessory Kit
Model MAV-AK-01

List Price: $59.99

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Made of stainless steel and durable rubber, our BBQ Accessory Kit

includes the five indispensable tools for grilling - a spatula for flipping,

tongs for spearing and turning, a basting brush, grill cleaning brush,

and Maverick's ET-64 Fast Read RediFork Pro LCD Thermometer! 

Each tool comes with stainless steel hanging

loops for added convenience.

The set of five tools come in an attractive carrying case

(19-3/4" x 7-1/2" x 3-1/8") for easy transport and storage.

This item makes a great gift!

ET-64 Fast Read RediFork Pro LCD Thermometer