Steven Raichlen Single-Use Wood Chip Blends
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Steven's Tip

"Soak the wood chips

in water to cover for

one hour.  This makes

the wood smolder and

smoke, not burn."


Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue™

Signature Series

Smoking Wood Chip Blends

Single-Use Trays

Poultry Blend - A distinctive blend of apple and cherry,

with a touch of hickory and oak for spice.

Price: $3.49 each /  28 cu in  



Beef Blend - Our most robust blend, made with hickory,

oak, and mesquite.

Price: $3.49 each /  28 cu in


Pork Blend - Hickory, apple and a touch of maple for that authentic barbecue flavor.

Price: $3.49 each /  28 cu in


Seafood/Vegetable Blend - The lightest of our smoking blends, made with alder, apple, and cherry.

Price: $3.49 each /  28 cu in





Steven Raichlen "Lumatong"