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  Steven Raichlen™ Ultimate Rib Rack


Steven Raichlen™
Ultimate Rib Rack

Price: $29.99 each


$24.99 EACH

(Out of Stock

Until Spring 2012)




If you like ribs, you'll love this mammoth rack.  Over-sized metal

arcs fit everything from small baby backs to jumbo beef ribs,

providing support for the full length of each rack.

Grilling the ribs vertically saves space, so you can cook

four full racks on even a small kettle grill, and it also helps

drain off the fat.  Non-stick, rust-proof, and sturdy enough

to keep even the largest racks from tipping over.

Rack is 14"L  x 7"H  x 11"D.  Patent Pending.     





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